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Study Voice with Sandy Connolly

Let me help you become better at expressing your personal message through singing! All skill levels are welcome. I will help you strengthen your voice, sing with good pitch, have engaging expression, learn the kinds of songs you want to sing, and help you get into the part of the local music scene that feels appropriate for you. The studio at Crescendo Music Loft is fully-equipped with a PA, a Shure Beta 57 microphone, and access to any song you want to learn.

The studio is in Madison, Connecticut just off of I-95 Exit 59 behind The Red Tomato and Friends & Company.

Lessons are $50 per half hour. Weekly lessons are recommended. A tuition package of $185/month is also available that is a 10% discount and includes all materials and performance opportunities. (Click here to download Fall 2018 Lesson, Rate, & Performance Schedule.)

Goals for All Voice Students

To be a great singer, you must master the following:

  • Accurate pitch
  • Breath control
  • Pleasing vowel formation
  • Facility in chest, middle, & head registers
  • Legato phrasing
  • Clear diction
  • Balanced posture
  • Accurate rhythm & melodies

But most importantly, you need engaging interpretation that expresses your personal message.

I have exercises and instruction to help you gain ground in all areas of study, but I am most interested in helping you learn how to engage with your audience. I constantly work with you to help you develop a body of work that:

  • is particularly suited to your voice
  • is in a style that you enjoy
  • helps you express the message you bring to the stage

Once you have these kinds of songs under your belt, many of the other necessary skills listed above become much easier to gain.

What Sets Me Apart as an Instructor

What sets me apart are the personal connections I have with many of the local venues and musicians. I run a class called Gig 101 on Tuesday nights in my own studio as well as open mics in Guilford, Madison, and West Haven where I can help you fit in and meet other musicians. I also host The Groove: Open Mic for Teens at Crescendo Music Loft. Once you have some repertoire that is “street worthy,” I’ll help you get ready for an open mic performance and introduce you to the scene.