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Ages 18+

Every Tuesday night in The Loft
7:30 – 9:30 pm

OPEN HOUSE & REGISTRATION on Tuesday, August 28 at 7:30-9:00pm. We’ll run a sample rehearsal, so you can see what it’ll be like.

Very few people can feel comfortable performing solo, but many of us would like to be able to perform within the context of a band. If you already have some musical ability as a singer, guitarist, pianist, bassist, drummer, or a lead instrument of some kind, but you just don’t know how to get it together with a band, then this class is for you!

Here are some of the goals we have for each participant:

  • Experience a weekly, two-hour band practice
  • Play with professional equipment at Crescendo Music Loft (i.e., plug and play)
  • Bring your favorite songs to be considered as part of the repertoire
  • Learn new music to play and/or sing for others
  • Develop a body of work
  • Learn lingo
  • Learn how to communicate with people who play different instruments
  • Learn band etiquette
  • Learn rehearsal techniques used by the pros
  • Meet other musicians and develop relationships
  • Hone your own musical skills in a supportive and encouraging environment
  • Gain confidence to perform at local open mics
  • Become a professional, gigging musician

Contact me at 203-584-2814 or sandy@sandyconnollymusic.com to secure your spot now for the fall! Class is limited to ten participants.  $125/month

While Gig 101 is a brand new effort at Crescendo Music Loft, I have been teaching the same class at RVP Studios on Monday Nights for several years now. Ted Ervin came on to co-teach a year ago, and we’ve taken beginning and intermediate musicians who hadn’t ever been on stage to the point where they are now performing professionally.

Here’s what some of the participants have said:

Played my guitar for 45 years or so alone in my room , always wanted to be in a band but figured that ship had sailed. Sandy coached me out of my dark little cave into the light of a gigging band. Bob Segar was right: “Rock n Roll never forgets”

Sandy’s experience, passion, musical knowledge and enthusiasm are incredible. She is an inspiring mentor and confidence booster. You will learn a lot about being a good musician and a better person.

I used to know the cool ‘bits’ of about 20 songs that I’d play over and over. Drove my family nuts playing and replaying the intro to Smoke on the Water. After working with Sandy for a couple of years I now know 40 or so songs beginning to end and found out I can sing in front of an audience both with a band and as a solo performer.

Learned how to chart music and Sandy gave me the guidance and confidence needed to unlock my abilities to actually start learning songs by ear and transcribing without needing tab or a score.

Gary Leydon

Monday Night Performance Club at RVP Studios & Lead Vocalist & Lead Guitar Player for Lexi & the Rents

It’s fun because they keep things moving!

When we learn a new song it’s never perfect at first-  so Sandy gives each of us helpful, practical tips to work on for the next week. She will work on each song a little bit not to the point where you’re embarrassed, bored and want to leave. This way it keeps things moving and fun.

It’s a blast!  It’s a low stress environment that allows each of us to work at her own pace.

It’s not just that the instruction is great (actually it’s superior) it’s that they really care and try to work with you, at your level where you are.

Every week we are given very clear specific goals to work on. I’ve gained so much confidence and I absolutely love it!

The camaraderie that develops between bandmates is one of the funnest things you can experience, it’s well worth every minute of effort we put into it.

One of my favorite things Is that we all take turns picking out a song that we would like to work on. That is what makes this program completely unique and different from other programs where they want you to learn their songs only.  It’s like having a little kid learn to read – they’ll read faster if sometimes they can pick the book out!

Jeannine Staltaro

Monday Night Performance Club & Bass Player for Lexi & The Rents

  • I gained confidence in my stage presence
  • I learned how to sing harmonies
  • I learned how to cue my band mates throughout a song
  • I learned how to read and write a chart
  • I’ve come to really understand all of the organizing that goes into being a band member and I’ve picked up organization and leadership skills from watching Sandy over the years.
  • I’ve been exposed to different types of music I wouldn’t normally listen to, but have come to love
Lexi Panza

Monday Night Performance Club & Lead Singer for Lexi & The Rents

One of my absolute favorite things is when I get a chance to play with Sandy at an open mic. It’s really fun and an honor to be on stage with her and a great learning experience and confidence booster. I look forward to playing with Sandy (and Ted Ervin) on stage again. I can only echo what other’s have said about building confidence and learning so much from both Sandy and Ted. One additional comment about playing with the band and having fun and all that.

What we’ve additionally learned is how to communicate with other band members while on stage. We’ve learned to support and communicate non-verbally while we’re in the middle of a song. That communication is key (especially when you’re playing a new song) or someone screws up mid-song.

Chris Marlor

Monday Night Performance Club at RVP Studios & Drummer for Lexi & The Rents