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Crescendo Music System

A 12-Level Course of Study
in the Foundations of Music
in Voice, Piano, & Music Theory

Developed by Sandy Connolly over the last 20 years, Crescendo Music System is a 12-level course of instruction designed to give every student a foundation in the basic principles of music.

Whether you are a complete beginner, an intermediate-level musician, or just need some brushing up in one area or another, there is a place for you to learn within Crescendo Music System. It can be tailored to fit the level of instruction you are wanting.

For example:

  • an elementary school-aged student whose parents want you to learn music “because it’s a great idea”
  • a high school-aged student who is beginning an AP Music Theory class and needs extra help
  • a singer who wants to prepare for an audition
  • an adult who wants to start playing piano after years of dreaming about it
  • a seasoned, working singer who needs a daily regimen to keep his/her voice healthy and strong
  • a working musician who wants a boot camp in theory and/or ear training

At its core, Crescendo Music System is designed to begin instruction as early as four years old, teach a student all the way through the elementary, middle, and high school years, and fully prepare him or her to audition for music school.

That said, many adults have also benefited from Crescendo’s instruction such that even beginners, after two to three years of study, have gone on to become part of regularly performing ensembles and are making significant musical contributions in their respective communities.


Get your “black belt” in the basics. Get your chops.